Speed up the development of your digital projects

A quick start operational solution :
Delegation of talent in India & assistance by an account manager in Europe

Access the skills you need

We select, engage and accompany teams with you
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          The + of the staff delegation at Auguria

          • Profiles proposed in less than 3 days and can be set up within 30 days. These profiles located in India have more than 4 years working experience.

          • An account manager located in France ensures a personalized and continuous follow-up of your project. You speak in your language to your interlocutor.

          • Competitive pricing.

          • Your account manager can provide you with technical and functional experts located in Europe who are familiar with your business.

          The quality

          The strong commitments of Auguria
          • Quality control of deliverables using our industrialized methodology (ex: continuous integration taking into account code quality, automated test pass, etc.).

          • Certification policy of skills on the technologies we implement.

          • Project tracking tools included in the daily rates.

          Our experts

          We provide technical experts and developers in a wide range of technologies


          Our consultants are involved in business expertise (e-Commerce, Logistics, Purchasing etc.), technical expertise or in the strategic area.

          CTO, Product Owner

          Knowing that many companies cannot afford to hire some high-level, full-time essential skills, we can delegate to you on a timeshare basis.

          Account manager

          He manages the interface with the team. He has a very good functional and technical knowledge of applications. It ensures your personal follow-up continuously through regular reporting. 


          Our developers are located mainly in India. We apply a high standard social policy in order to keep the best employees in the long run. We strive for the more developers as possible to be certified in the technologies we offer.

          The Dream Team

          A management team with complementary skills
          Company team

          Cyrille de Lambert, CEO

          In the digital world since 1998, Cyrille has been at the heart of all technical and functional innovations in the sector. Entrepreneur at heart, he likes to bring solutions that make life easier for companies and the users who compose them.